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Rara films Pvt. Ltd, an agency owned by Mr. Bhojraj Bhat, Journalist & director of a renowned documentary ‘Sunakali-A Girl’s Journey to Glory’ will be the sole agency to sponsor and filming the expedition. It will use all the footage and photos from the expedition for making documentary and its promotion. The documentary in the name of ‘Mission Saipal’ will cover the life of Saipal region, their social norms and traditions, cultures and rituals; the hardships of women, their aspirations and challenges, their success or failure to climb Mt. Saipal and their life in their family and community after their return from Mt. Saipal. Moreover, the documentary is planned to be premiered in the national and international film festivals. 100% of the fund collected from the charity of the documentary will be taken to Bajhang to bring positive change in the lives of the girls and women.

To realize our goal, we are bringing world renowned mountaineers like Dr. Jorge Egocheaga; Edurene Pasaban Lizarribar; Martin Ramos, Dr. Jef Houben; Bridget Schletty and so on to climb Mt. Saipal, who have already earned a good name for themselves in mountaineering by conquering most of the high mountains all over the world. Besides, four local Bajhangi girls, who are socially forbidden to climb mountains in their region and have never climbed the mountains in their life before will accompany the foreign climbers to the top. The expedition will not only take the local girls to the top of the Mt. Saipal, it also offers two sophisticated health camps with high experts from medical sector to the local people there.

The journey of the climbers including local girls and the places, festivals, their excitements, aspirations, obstacles and sorrows, and its impact in the local community and the change in the perception towards women will be documented through filmography in the name of ‘Mission Saipal’. Mr. Bhoj Raj Bhat’s documentary ‘Sunakali’ has already premiered in 185 countries and received 55 nomination award and 23 main awards, additionally have a greater impact in changing perceptions of local people towards daughters and girl’s education in the remote district Mugu, will be taking charge of organizing the expedition and at the same time its filmography and directing the documentary ‘Mission Saipal’ and promoting it in the national and international market.

The high quality photos taken during the expedition and climbing of the mountains will be promoted in the international film festivals and photo exhibitions simultaneously. The special local rituals like worshiping langa God before climbing mountains and speaking of Surma Devi’s intention through Dhami and subsequent rituals and festivals like Banniki Chaitali carnival will also be promoted through documentary. During the expedition the main focus will be given to establish the cultural path to Mt. Saipal which will be in the sake of utmost benefit for most of the community. Besides, highlighting the far west through tourism perspective, the whole expedition will be targeted to encourage the local girls and women to regain their self-confidence and self-respect.

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